Chawton top finished

dscf6946.JPGLast night just before midnight I finished machine sewing borders on “Chawton”. It is hand pieced it is a mosaic quilt.  The  quilt pattern is made of different sized hexagons and their pieces (halves and diamonds oh! and star points) This quilt is my original design and idea. You can read a bit more about it on the current projects page.

  I am going to quilt my Grandson’s Pirate Quilt next. Then I think I shall start a scrap quilt maybe reproductions? I seem to have a few leftovers as you do, from ‘Chawton’ and other projects. I am also seriously considering a Jane Stickle quilt, am I mad or what? Does anyone have an opinion as to hand piecing or machine, or can it be done some of each?

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