Thornfield Hall



Currently I am reading ‘Vilette’ by Charlotte Bronte, whose novel Jane Eyre is the most famous of her writings. I am finding Vilette to be a bit of hard going, not surprised that when she sent it off to the publishers she was invited to “have another go’.

I just love the story of Jane Eyre and could read it or watch one fo the movies (I have several versions) again and again, so I have named the quilt I am hand piecing at present, after Mr. Rochester’s doomed home ‘Thornfield Hall’ from Charlotte’s book.



This first picture is the centre 100 hand pieced octagons and setting squares, with the first border attached (by machine). This border is made from three strips of fabric. The wide ‘red fern’ and either side 2” strips cut from one of Marie Osmonds prints. These border has mitred corners which are tricky but worth it!

The second picture shows the quilt top with some of the 320 octagons and setting squares attached which make up the next border. You can see my ‘papers’ still in the turned over corner.








The final border will be another cut from the same fabric as the other whole cloth border, again with the strips added to the sides. The other cut has flowers and will be slightly narrower.

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