Jane Austen’s Coverlet & The Welsh Quilt Connection.

When I Purchased two years ago a book called ‘Quilted Planet by Celia Eddy’ imagine my stunned delight as a came across a Quilt on page 86 . This quilt is a¬†one of Jen Jones Welsh Quilts Collection. Because I have studied closely Jane Austen’s quilt over many years albeit only in photographs, I instantly identified that central fabric as one of the ones the Austens had used in the Coverlet! The Welsh quilt is dated as 1840’s I can presume this was ascertained by the youngest known fabric in the quilt. The Austen’s quilt however is dated in the second decade of the 1800’s, so whoever made the Welsh quilt must have kept the piece of fabric for some years before using it. Twenty – thirty years is no time to keep fabric, I myself have some in my ‘stash’ older than thirty years.


This must have been a treasured piece of cloth. The Austen’s only had enough to put six pieces in their top and one of those had to be pieced to be big enough for the diamond.

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