Jane Austen’s Sampler & a family connection.

Did you know Jane Austen stitched a sampler? The sampler is clearly dated 1797, although, I have recently read that it it is believed, in some quarters ,that the real date was 1787 which would have made Jane 12 when she stitched it.

Several years ago one of my cousins Helen, travelled to Europe. Whilst there on a working holiday she went to Jane Austen Museum in Bath and bought an image of Jane Austen’s Sampler. She then purchased a piece of linen and threads and set about recreating Jane’s sampler for herself. About a year ago Helen came and showed me her beautiful cross stitch and admired my quilt. Neither of us knew we had a Jane Austen connection.

Helen had earlier found my website about my quilt replica, and didn’t realise it was me. She wondered about this woman who had the same name as one of her cousins! Eventually after finding a reference on my website to my grandson, she rang me up to see if it was me!
It is a mighty small world , is it not.

Here is Helen’s reproduction. She has done a beautiful job. dscf9935

She blames, that she now needs glasses, to the eyestrain from working this recreation. The poster only measures 26 x  29 cm (10 1/4″ x 11 1/2″) and Helen needed glasses and a magnifiying glass to look at the image and work on the 26 count linen she worked the sampler on. (26 count  means that there are 26 threads to an inch.)

 The poster of the original Sampler  for sale, from 
Jane Austen Museum in Bath, is Pictured below.


A pattern for this Sampler is available from the ‘store’ on this website.

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