Jane Austen Quilt Pattern.

We are very pleased to announce that after many drafts and re -writes and the making of -would you believe? ‘A second Replica’ that we can now offer the ‘Jane Austen Quilt Pattern’  for sale.

The ‘Pattern’ includes a detailed 120 page book which will enable you to bring a Jane Austen Quilt of your own to life. The $85.00 AUD plus postage price  also covers the set of three perspex rulers and a disc of nearly 500 photo images to guide you through the making ,  ensuring you will end up with a well pieced replica you can be proud of.

But what about all those diamonds? I hear you say? The ‘Pattern has been developed in such a way that the cutting out of diamonds is unnecessary. All pieces in the quilt first begin as simple rectangles.

The ‘pattern’ is now available from the ‘Store’ page of this website. If you do not wish to use paypal please email me at rosalee@RosaleeClark.com.au to make other arrangements.

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