Introducing Ron…..

One of the things about quiltmaking that enriches my life, is the wonderful people who cross your path.

A couple of months ago when we had the ‘Jane Austen Quilt Pattern’ ready for sale I contacted everyone who had made an enquiry in the past. Among the replies came an email from a man, I mistakenly presumed the order for the pattern was for a female member of his family. Just one email later and I knew that here was a ‘man’ who wanted to make a Jane Austen Quilt, more astonishing to me was when this gentleman revealed he was nearing 80 years old.

We have had a few phone conversations during the making of Ron’s Replica of Jane’s Quilt, Ron seemed to be a gentle spirit who my husband and I both enjoyed chatting to and last weekend when Ron had to travel to Bendigo (Ron is from Wangaratta) for a special family celebration of his 80th birthday,  we were blessed with a visit from him and his friend Jean. Straight away both Peter and I knew we had met an exceptional man. Ron hates to waste a minute of his time. He makes every minute count.



Ron is the first to finish his quilt top from those who have bought a pattern.

This is Ron and his replica which is as exceptional as he is.

My husband took a picture of the back of Ron’s little diamonds, such perfection!


Ron is a prolific quilt maker, with a love of machine embroidery which he incorporates into many of his quilts, he also crochets, candlewicks, and stitches tapestrys. His current total for crocheted knee rugs stands at 150!

What an inspiration!

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