What I’ve Been Reading

dscf7046.JPGAfter watching Miss Potter, and becoming entranced by this woman and her life, I did want to know more about her. But when my husband saw a book on her Beatrix Potter A life in Nature by Linda Lear. I didn’t know if I wanted to know this much 450 pages. And as its the hardcover not for reading in bed. But anyway the book came homehaven’t finished it yet!

The Vintner’s Letters by Peter McAra. Interesting,  some people have such interesting lives. This book really got me in, but, not my favourite ending. I don’t believe in fairytales, but it frustrated me!

I purchased a copy of The Bedquilt and other stories by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, The Bedquilt has been my favourite Quilt story for many years, the other stories are not quilty but so very well written by this amazing woman. If you get a chance its a must to read.


‘The Washerwomans Dream, the extraordinary life of Winifred Steger 1882- 1981. If you can find and like stories with a bit of Truth behind them, but aren’t afraid to read about cruelties of the world. Then give it ago. Well worth It.

Desert Queen – The story of Daisy Bates, by Sussanah De Vries If you are at all interested in knowing about one of this country’s most interesting women. Give it a read.


Jodi Picoult is another author I enjoy reading, who writes some very thought provoking books. Her writings are on current issues which makes us take a look at the grey areas of life.

The other book in the pic is Mrs.Cook if you’ve ever wondered about Capt. Cooks wife, or even if you haven’t. Read this account of the life of this woman, who lived a life not to be envied.