Jane Austen Quilt Centre Panel

I have found this great fabric piece which is the perfect size print for the Quilt Centre. It is called ‘Back Home Again’ designed by Kaye England. We have a few of these available from our ‘Store’ On this website, there are two different panels, for people wanting to make the quilt.

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Jane Austen Quilt Pattern .

dscf99433The Pattern is available for purchase from the ‘Store’ on this website.

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Hexagon Doll quilt

I love hexagons, and hand piecing, and English Paper peicing.

This little quilt encompasses them all. The little hexagons are 1 1/4″ across. Small and cute. It is yet to have its border attached.dscf9968

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Blessed Mother Mary MacKillop

Australia is this year, to have its first Saint Canonised. Mary MacKillop[founded the Order of Josephite nuns in Australia. She is one of my ‘Inspiring Women’ . As a primary school student I attended a school run by Josephite Nuns -St. Liborius in Eaglehawk, Central Victoria. Mary MacKillops photo hung on the wall of every classroom. We were frequently told pieces of her history, and I always thought her an amazing lady. A few years ago I purchased a piece of fabric, a toile, with illustrations of different parts of her life. To celebrate her Canonisation, I have decided to piece a wall hanging from the fabric. The bits so far….oct-2009-jane-mary-hex-032

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Thornfield Hall



Currently I am reading ‘Vilette’ by Charlotte Bronte, whose novel Jane Eyre is the most famous of her writings. I am finding Vilette to be a bit of hard going, not surprised that when she sent it off to the publishers she was invited to “have another go’.

I just love the story of Jane Eyre and could read it or watch one fo the movies (I have several versions) again and again, so I have named the quilt I am hand piecing at present, after Mr. Rochester’s doomed home ‘Thornfield Hall’ from Charlotte’s book.



This first picture is the centre 100 hand pieced octagons and setting squares, with the first border attached (by machine). This border is made from three strips of fabric. The wide ‘red fern’ and either side 2” strips cut from one of Marie Osmonds prints. These border has mitred corners which are tricky but worth it!

The second picture shows the quilt top with some of the 320 octagons and setting squares attached which make up the next border. You can see my ‘papers’ still in the turned over corner.








The final border will be another cut from the same fabric as the other whole cloth border, again with the strips added to the sides. The other cut has flowers and will be slightly narrower.

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My quilt – Convict and Colonial Heritage.

I have long had the notion of creating a quilt to commemorate my family’s convict and colonial heritage
This is it so far.

There will be ships appliqued in all four corners, there is a lot more piecing to be done, I am designing the border styles as I go. Its a bit of a mathematical nightmare, but I am enjoying the challenge immensely. I haven’t had a lot of time to sew lately, and being immersed in this is wonderful. Stay tuned.



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What happened to June, July, August?

Doesn’t time fly by? whether you are having fun or not!

I have been doing a little sewing, not as much as I’d like unfortunately.

I enrolled in a course this year and the assignments have taken up alot of my usual sewing time.

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Afternoon Tea with Jane Austen

This month a patchwork friend had a ‘Biggest Ever Afternoon Tea with Jane Austen’ to rasie money for Cancer research.

It was a lovely afternoon, with several varities of tea to sample, some lovely ‘bad for you food’ to enjoy and wonderful guests to chat to. What more could you want and all for a good cause.
This insidious disease takes too many of our precious loved ones too soon, we need to raise all the money for research we can. If you hear of a biggest ever Morning/Afternoon tea event go along and support it!

Thanks to Barb and Doug for opening their home and including us in their day.

Barb with Doug’s assistance made some very creative displays, here is a picture of the life size Jane sitting at a table having her afternoon tea. It was an inspiring day.


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Grace Snyder

Recently whilst reading No Time on My Hands by Grace Snyder (as told to Nellie Snyder Youst), I found a tribute written to her by Alice Shipley Schott. By the way this book is an interesting read. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she was raised in a sod house in Nebraska. Grace had three dreams; to fly above the clouds, to marry a cowboy, and to make some of the best quilts in the world. Her quilt below is included as one of the top 100 quilts of the 20th century, and rightly so. she lived to fulfill her dreams, but I won’t give to much away……








Anyway on with the tribute.

She Tells her stories not with gifted pen
And not with practised touch upon the keys.
Her tales are told with needle and with thread;
Her Manuscripts are quilts.
Her treasures these
Will be to leave to those she holds most dear;
Their loving pride will be her royalties.



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Chocolate and Pink Champagne

This quilt is finished, it is only a small quilt 50″ x 60″ inches.










Above is my Igggy puss, who is a quilt cat. If there a quilt I am working on, or one left about, she can make a hidey hole from, she’ll be there. In it.

 She took a liking to my recently completed, ‘Chocolate & Pink Champagne’. One of her other favourite places to be is on my knee, or right beside me, when I’m sewing. She just loves it when we combine the two, and I’m hand sewing and she can get right in there!











Here is the quilt in full, minus the puss.

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