Quilt Gallery

 Chawton –This quilt I named after Jane Austen’s former home.  completed in June 2009. It is handpieced from a combination of hexagons, half hexagons, diamonds, and star points. What I have named a star point is the shape you get if you draw a hexagon but extend two sides of the hexagon out past the side until they meet. This gives you a five sided shape.Using isometric paper I could design this quilt combining different sized hexagons, which was my aim. I wanted to see if it could be done and ‘ta da’ quilt.I’m unsure what sort of quilt I have designed her it is a tessalated design I suppose, I fussy cut alot of the fabrics.I hand pieced it, the borders is machined on is cut from three fabrics. My sister Maree St.Clair machine quilted it. dscf8632   
 Eye spy Quilt & Flower Faires Quilt These two quilts are both hand pieced hexagons quilts and contain about 450 – 4″ hexagons in each. They were made for my two grandchildren. All the images in the Eye spy quilt are different, this quilt belongs to my grandson Oliver. The Flower Fairies quilt belongs to my grand daughter Rowany.  
 dscf6877.JPG Civil War Quilt -No 1. For the love of Sarah. My first civil war quilt. I don’t know why but I have long had an interest in the history and stories of the American Civil War. I have called this quilt for the love of Sarah, because of the now famous love letter from Sullivan Ballou to his wife Sarah, which he wrote a week before he died at the Battle of Bull Run. The Block in this quilt is called the union star.
  Jane Austen’s Quilt/ Coverlet Replica.The story of the making of my Jane Austen Replica Quilt/Coverlet is on this website. if you haven’t already found it go into the Jane Austen Coverlet Page, there you can read about Jane’s life. Her Coverlet. or My replica. This replica was completed in 2006. We are working on producing a pattern for sale.  The replica you would create from our pattern would have the correct amount of pieces with guidelines for fabric placement, so you too can create a quilt with the look and style of the original. This pattern will come complete with ruler and templates made from durable perspex, to help you cut your pieces at the correct angle the Austen Ladies used. You will be able to purchase the pattern in two versions, Handpieced and Machine Pieced. I you are interested or would just like to know a little more send me an email and I will notify you when it is ready for sale, and /or answer your queries.  dscf6825.JPG
 dscf6870.JPG   Mansfield Park – Inspired by Jane Austen No 2. size 81″ x 86″ inches (206 x 220cm)This quilt is of the medallion style, inspiration came from the scenic panel that I have used in the centre and in the surrounding border. The panel was picked up at garage sale in Gembrook, were a lady had decided to clear out her stash! I can’t imagine ever being able to or wanting to do this. Her loss, my gain. The scenic print reminded me of the Mansfeld Park story so it was destined for this. This quilt is an original pattern of mine, but of course in the familiar old style of medallion quilts. it was machine pieced by myself and machine quilted by my sister Maree St.Clair, who has a Nolting Long arm machine. I just love the way she has ‘freehand ‘ quilted it, working out a different pattern for each border.
Phil’s Quilt.  The  majority of the fabrics for this quilt, which was made for my brother-in-law, Philip Clark, (who is very ill) were chosen by his wife Peta,  to represent Phil’s many interests in his life. It may not be clear to see here but there are owls, fishing tackle, Australian wildlife and birdlife, sailing, and even an image that reminded Phil of holiday times and where they met at the snow. My brother-in-law passed away on Sat 15th Feb, 2008. His was a battle royal. He tried so hard to stay. Body at rest. Spirit Free. dscf0115.JPG
dscf6881.JPG Family Wall hanging – Inspired by Aunt Clara’s Quilt.Aunt Clara’s Quilt resides in the Power House Museum in Sydney Australia and was Made by Clara Bates,who ran a guest house with her husband. It is hand pieced and embroidered and it believed Clara may have asked guests at her house to embroider pieces for her, as there is a wide variety of sewing skills in the original. My husband and I travelled to Sydney as members of the Quilt Study Group of Australia to view it in 2003. My version is hand pieced and appliqued and embroidered but all by myself. There are little squares for each member of my family and pets, and lots of buttons and charms etc., as in the original I have feather stitched over every seam. I am now contemplating undoing the binding and adding to it, so I can include my husband and his family. As we have married since I completed it in 2002. You can view Clara’s Quilt at the Powerhouse Museum website, and read the story about Clara and her quilt.
Calamine Garden – I started this quilt in Jan 2003, but I ran out of the pale pink fabric around the hexagons in the centre then added a completely different pink. the decided to machine piece the rest. then I didn’t know how i should quilt it.  Finally it is completed. Its already on our bed. And has been officially slept under! dscf7052.JPG
dscf7650 This is one of two simple quilts I’ve nade, trying to very different colou palettes. see Helen’s Quilt Further down.Approx 70 inches squareDesigned & Machine Pieced by myself.Machine Quilted by Maree St.Clair
I delved into my Paisley fabric stash for this scrap quilt.Approx 70 inches square.Named Grandma’s Paisleys, for my maternal Grandmother Amy Dorothy Fitt nee Tuck. dscf7710
dscf7755 Helen’s Quilt This is the second of two quilts using the same pattern. see The other quilt further up the page.Approx 70 inches square.Designed and machine pieced by myself.Machine quilted by Maree St.Clair.
Inspiring Women – Lessons for Life.This wallhanging was made to commemorate the One Hundreth Anniversary of Women  in Victoria Australia, gaining the right to vote.the forty one women depicted on my quilt are women who have influenced my life. Their stories and their influenes can be found on my page – Inspiring Women.Machine Pieced, Hand Embroidered, and Machine quilted dscf7745
 dscf7494.JPG  Old Roses and Lace.Started off using my scrap bag of brown/greeen/pink rose fabrics. Added a beige toile, I just love its soft colors. It has pride of place over the back of the couch in our family room. When i first stared it I didn’t know what it was destined for, but it fits beautifully there.