‘Claiming back the Wren’

My mum loved the little wrens, she had feeders for them around her house. Allen and Unwin stole that from my family and used it on the abhorrent cover of a book we did not condone. And they used it in a most horrid way – A little Wren, that mum so loved alighting on the knife that killed her son, my brother. This is the height of insensitivity to our family on behalf of the author, publisher and the designer. My campaign for a ‘Code of Ethics’ for True Crime writing would be designed to protect victims and their families from unethical practices of predatory authors and unscrupulous publishers, I have decided to call ‘Claiming Back the Wren’ in my Mum, Mary’s memory. This proposed ‘Code of Ethics’ would seek to provide a right to privacy and respect for victims and their families.